Victor Marx Signature Bulletproof Backpack Panel

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Keep you and your personal belongings safe and secure with Innocent Armor's backpack/handbag armor fortified with ShieldTec®️ bulletproof technology. Innocent Armor signature Victor Marx Backpack armor panels are flexible and lightweight and offer you the same level of protection that law enforcement use.

Features our FitTec™️ technology, so the panels will conform to your backpack or handbag.

  • National Institute of Justice certified 0101.06 IIIA tested

  • Bulletproof material is aramid hybrid synthetic fabric

  • Size: 13” x 16” panel will fit into the most popular backpack and handbag sizes 

  • Weight: only 14.5 ounces

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Customer Reviews

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Darryel Tolentino
Feeling secure

Looks and feels similar to my police issued soft panel vest. Fits perfectly into my girls school backpack and hardly noticeable with the thin and light construction. Very affordable and will be making another purchase.

Note: when I received my order, one of the panels arrived with a cut to the front of the panel cover. I emailed relating the issue and within a day, received an email verifying a replacement panel was sent out. I received the replacement a few days later. One of the best customer service that I have had. Thank you.

Jeffrey Taylor

Love it!


Would be an interesting thing……..make the panel in a little bit smaller size to fit into smaller backpacks. Look at the site TravelOn and look for the theft/slash proof backpacks for women. Thank you

Perfect for Back to School

Sending my kids back to school this year with everything going on (pandemic, social unrest, climate) and realizing that a sense of protection and actually having my kids with something they can use as a last resort would be a good idea.

The panels easily slipped into my 13 year old's backpack and it's just one way I feel a little better as a parent especially during these very crazy times.

Thank you Innocent Armor!!!

Innocent Armor


Protect you and your loved ones with our exclusive ShieldTec®️ best in class protection.

ShieldTec®️ is NIJ certified for level IIIA protection, which is the highest level protection available in soft body armor.

FitTec® is a technologically engineered material that provides a more custom fit.

Innocent Armor keeps you safe, stylish, and under the radar. Trust Innocent Armor and join the movement towards personal protection.



This is an outstanding shirt.

The shirt vest is amazing.
I am thinking about buying two of them.



Great quality. The fit was perfect. Looks fantastic.

Purchased for my husband and he is very pleased!

Jacquelyn LaBenne

look good and feel protected

I am a retired police officer and am no longer in uniform.So I feel very vulnerable these days especially with all these horrific shootings happening these days. Wearing this comfortable, stylish, non revealing protective vest, I really feel safe. Def recommend

 Cristina Coria

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