Interview with Tactical Karl

IA: Hi there, thank you for joining us today and answering a few questions about yourself and what you do. Let’s start with your name.  Where did that come from?

Tactical_Karl: Well the word “tactical” means taking carefully planned action which is something you really have to consider when in the firearm and defense arena.  If you’re not taking proper care, then you can get into real trouble.  Then of course, my name is Karl! 

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IA: Where are you from?

Tactical_Karl: Houston, Texas

IA: Tell us a little bit about what you do/ your background:

Tactical_Karl:  My background is military and law enforcement. I started as a law enforcement explorer when I was just 16.  At 18, I became a combat engineer in the Army.   I currently work as an FRG police officer here in Houston and teach self-defense and handgun training all over the U.S.

IA: How did you hear about Innocent Armor?

Tactical_Karl: My buddy CombatCozz! 



IA: What do you think about our bullet resistant jacket?

Tactical_Karl: I really like it. As you can see from the videos I make, the jacket really holds up.  I didn’t hold back and used a shotgun when shooting so I was very impressed. I was glad I got the Large and not the Medium because the fit is perfect.  I’d like to try one of the bullet-resistant shirts next.  Very good quality stuff!

Tactical Karl, Innocent Armor, American Flag, America, Army, Solider

IA: Where can folks learn more about what you do? (Do you have a website?)

Tactical_Karl: We don’t have a website but you can follow us on IG @Tactical_Karl and we have a Youtube channel with the same name.  

Army, Tactical Karl, Solider, American Hero

IA: What would you want your last meal to be?

Tactical_Karl: How dirty can I be? Haha.  I mean I could let your mind wander on that one!

IA: Let’s keep it PG.

Tactical_Karl: Okay, then Crab legs.