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Quick question

Does this provide lower back and stomach protection?


I am totally satisfied with my new denim jacket!

This is the best protection ever purchased

Quality product.


Excellent Armor

I could not be Happier with my purchase. Right size. Great quality as advertised. I would recommend you guys with alacrity!

My boyfriend loved it!

This was a Christmas present from my boyfriend. He wears it every day and I didn’t realize how many compartments this thing has. We’re definitely going to buy at least two more so we can actually practice using it for safety!

Style and Safety

I’ve been looking for body armor for my wife to wear that doesn’t look like body armor… I’ve always felt that someone wearing armor in public is like open carrying, you’re advertising that you are protected and they’ll assume you’re probably carrying a gun. A friend referred me to Innocent Armor and I’m so glad they did. She absolutely loves it and I have a little more peace of mind that she’s protected when I’m not around.

Extremely Happy Customer

I currently live in Bermuda and I've been ordering from these guys since February of this year. Since my first order to my latest order everything has been spot on.

My clients have been very pleased with these products, the fit, protection, and the concealment for everyday on the job use.

It's a great investment at a great price.

Jevaughn Simons

Fits like a glove!

I bought these panels for backpacks that I already own from Datsusara - the Battlepack Pro, now known as the Battlepack 66L. The panel slides right into the rear compartment, fitting perfectly against my back. As incredibly thin as these are, they're not bulky & don't hog up space. I couldn't possibly be more pleased with this investment!

Great buy

I tested this backpack out and it did a amazing job. I shot it over 30 rounds and nothing was able to go throgh

Definitely recommend!!

Really great!! Exactly as described and more!! The company is also a delight to deal with and genuinely cares about protecting first responders and the public.


Would be an interesting thing……..make the panel in a little bit smaller size to fit into smaller backpacks. Look at the site TravelOn and look for the theft/slash proof backpacks for women. Thank you

Perfect for Back to School

Sending my kids back to school this year with everything going on (pandemic, social unrest, climate) and realizing that a sense of protection and actually having my kids with something they can use as a last resort would be a good idea.

The panels easily slipped into my 13 year old's backpack and it's just one way I feel a little better as a parent especially during these very crazy times.

Thank you Innocent Armor!!!

Mean Gene

Bought the vest! Comfortable to wear. Price was right. Light weight and easy to put on.

Great Bag!

Fits well

It fits nicely but it looks worn after a couple weeks of inconsistent wear.

Fits perfect

My wife loves It, very ellegant and casual at the same time!

Protection 5 stars!

Feel like a badass and get protected. Would buy again!!

Great product

Face Buffs

Best ones we have found, very lightweight & able to breathe easily when wearing.

Love the face buffs!

Comfortable and most importantly, breathable.

Nice layer of protection

Great looking Vest. It does not look like body armor at all, so you don't stand out. It really is a great looking, stylish vest and the protection offers peace of mind for the security/self-defense professional. I will recommend Innocent Armor to all my family and friends.

Love My Innocent Armor Buff

Really great quality and so much more comfortable than a regular face mask. I can actually breathe! My guy loved mine so much that he stole mine and I had to get another one!!
Highly recommend!


These face buffs are great! People have given me many compliments. I do not like wearing face masks since it’s hard to breathe in it. These buffs are very breathable. Also I can use it when I go hiking to protect my neck from the sun and my face if it’s dusty. I highly recommend it!

Amazing service and communication

My mentor Byron Rodgers from Bravo Research Group, refer me to Innocent Armor. So far Mike Wang has responded to all my questions and concerns over social media on shipping matters. After receiving the package first hand I know notices how well Bullet Resistant Concealable Men's Vest is manufacture, I am able too add Patch's to the back or add small patches to the should straps for Security or Close Protection identifications use. The Velcro straps were sturdy and built to keep a firm fitting, The plate carrier is very slick does not show any bulk just minimal painting.

You're doing a Awesome work Mike Wang very proud of you making such a wonderful product I'll keep supporting your work, hope you add any modular kits for tactical minded people Military, L.E.O. Security guys.

I'll keep updating everyone on this kit daily use and wear tear. If anyone is indecisive on to get this or the T shirt Level 3A I'll say get this kit and upgrade it.