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Fast delivery and it fits.tnx very much

Customer service was on point, and my brother loves the jacket! Thank you :)

Feel safer

I know this is not something a mother should ever have to worry about, but horrible things happen nowadays, especially at schools, and with this I feel much safer. We have done multiple safety trainings, and we included this with it. I feel allot better knowing my child has this with them.

Grade A!!

More than you expect. Exactly what you want. Highly recommend

I wish it came with higher caliber protection, if they did ….they didn’t clarify anything tuffer online or promote. Could ne an upsell but over all nice pack back. Backpack is good size.pretty good pocket placements. Hasn’t been taken out much . Overall I jn
Buy just the plate of info is to complain but I do wish they explained better online. Besides that I’m ok with it .

Peace of Mind

Our family is made up of criminal justice and military and education professionals. Our plan is to outfit all the children in the family with these backpacks from preK to college. As a teacher, I wish school systems would contract with this company to supply school students with these, or to have in classrooms. This company was just awesome. Their responses and communication were expedient and compassionate. The company accommodated every want and need. When they sold out of our item, the owner personally stepped in to help. This exceptional experience is what we need from all companies-humanity, heart, and community. We would only be happier if there was never another act of gun violence. For now, this is another layer of protection we never want anyone we love to need, but if they do, we are happy they will have it. This is peace of mind. Your peace of mind is a worthwhile investment.

Bulletproof Women's Down Vest

Feel a little bit more comfortable and safe for my family

Love feeling secure with my Bulletproof Performance Tee

The quality of the tee shirt is excellent and it is very comfortable and discreet.


It's sad that I have to protect my kids this way. With that being said I am extremely happy with the quality and weight of the backpack insert. My daughter who is only 7 doesn't even notice a difference. I will definitely be getting another when my youngest gets into school.

Black T-shirt for church security

I wore the T-shirt in church yesterday with a button down shirt I wore untucked (I am the "greeter") and nobody even noticed. Fairly comfortable too. I also play the bass during worship and did not hinder me there either, other than sweating a little more than normal. My compliments.

PS: I heard about your company on Victor Marx podcast.

Lightweight durable bag

With all the random acts of violence I always feel more vulnerable on my commute to work (public trans), this bag at least gives me a better chance than nothing at all (a shield) , and also gives me a little more time to react. The bag overall is sturdy and well stitched and the weight is not bad at all even with my items being in the bag.

Awesome jacket!

This jacket is amazing! It is so comfortable and lightweight.

Great product and customer service

We bought 2 rucks from them... great products and cust service is outstanding!!!


Solid, lightweight and shipped on time

Bulletproof Women's Leather Jacket

I have been searching for a bulletproof, non-bulky leather jacket for a while now as an individual who regularly conceal carries and appreciates the use of body armor in my every-day life. Innocent Armor has made it possible for citizens to maintain style and safety which is truly a hard balance to come by. Be sure to measure your chest and arms for the sizing and when in doubt, size up. I am a size 10, 5'10'', and a 36C in the chest and found the XL to be the most comfortable size for me. Thank you Innocent Armor!

Black Rambo Limited Edition Bulletproof Backpack Panel
Sofia Espina
Black Rambo Limited Edition Bulletproof Backpack Panel

I appreciate the mission that Innocent Armor is on to normalize body armor in every-day life. This panel fit easily into my backpack and provides the protection I need for every-day life. The panel is light weight and came in exactly as I expected it would- even more than I expected!

Bulletproof Polo Jacket

Unfortunately in today's world, it only makes sense to purchase a stylish jacket that also keeps you safe.

Great customer service

Had an issue with the wrong color backpack. I gave them a call and they sent me the correct color backpack. I highly recommend this company. They even said don’t worry about sending the wrong backpack back. I will be buying other stuff from them again.

Face Buffs
Karen Freeling
Face buff

My grandson loves it

Nice and light it fits backpack good for emergency

Bulletproof Backpack panel

I like the way it is pliable and able to fit in any backpack I want to use with very little weight difference. It gives me piece of mind!

I think it useful in emergency situation in the future

Love it

Love it’s just wish I bought a large