Blue Coat Music Contest winner Andrew Luna

Innocent Armor teamed up with Blue Coat Music for a contest to honor the 135 fallen law enforcement of 2019 In Los Angeles.  Our winner, Andrew Luna is just 16 years old!  We're so proud of you Andrew and are excited to offer you a piece of our Innocent Armor gear.  
We would love to ask you some questions about you and your design:
IA: How did you come up with your design?  What was your inspiration?
Andrew: I came up with using the symbolism of the candle because they are present in many police officer funerals and how they represent remembrance. I thought the design should have a blue line flag because it directly represents the fallen officers in America. I liked the words Honor and Sacrifice because officers make a great sacrifice when they die and that sacrifice should be met with honor and respect. I got my inspiration from observing a police funeral, I also got inspiration from the many patches I’ve collected, that’s how I was able to determine the layout of the design such as how the candle should be in the middle, flag in the back and the text under it all.
Innocent Armor, Blue Coat Music, fallen heroes
IA: Do you have any connections to law enforcement?
Andrew: I would say that the only connections that I have with law enforcement would be my mother and father who are both LAPD officers and my older brother who is in the police cadet program.
IA:  Where will you wear your Innocent Armor Gear?
Andrew: I will probably wear it to school to show it off, besides that, I would wear it to large public areas or places with high crime activity.
IA: What do you think about the protection movement?
Andrew: I find it discomforting to think that the world has come to a point where people are wearing bullet-resistant armor in public, but I find it positive that people are aware of possible threats and have taken precautions to protect themselves. Besides, I heard that wearing bulletproof vests have become somewhat of a fashion statement. 
IA:  How did you learn about the contest?
Andrew: My mother was the one who told me about the contest, she knew that I liked to draw.
IA: Tell us about yourself.  What do you do?  How old are you?  Where are you from?
Andrew: I’m 16, I’m an artist. I like to draw, watch movies, and read comic books. And I have a strong dislike towards homework and insects.
Andrew Luna, Innocent Armor, Blue Coat Music
IA: What are your career goals?
Andrew: My career goals? It’s been a passion of mine to become an animator and help design movies and shows with other great artists. Maybe I'm hoping to lead my own group of animators someday and produce my own show. 
IA: What do you think about Innocent Armors products?
Andrew: I think Innocence Armor is a fascinating company. I always thought bullet-resistant clothing was a product of science fiction! I think it’s very cool that there is clothing that can protect you and remain stylish at the same time. 
IA: How did you learn about Blue Music?
Andrew: I heard about Blue Music through the competition. I like the message they’re sending out about fallen officers and their families.
IA: What would your last meal be?
Andrew: Last meal?  Hmm, I feel like I should say something cool. RAMEN 
IA: Anything else you'd like to tell us?  
Andrew: I had some help from a few people such as my history teacher, my art teacher and a friend of mine who was a marine. I mostly showed them a few drafts and asked them if they looked good.