Everyday Civilian Protection

How can you take control of your own fate in a world where the simple act of going out in public puts you at risk?  When the fear that we may be injured or killed doing everyday things is real, we need to change how we think about being safe.

Innocent Armor was born of necessity and is dedicated to making sure caution is the new standard.  Bringing the safety and security of bullet resistant body armor to your daily attire.  What you wear can save your life! Think armor without the weight.  Protection without being obvious. And security for the unexpected.

All our apparel and garments are NIJ certified and protected with ShieldTec®, the world’s first ultra-light, supremely resilient fabric made to withstand impact.  In addition the garments are technologically engineered with FitTec®️, which is a unique ballistic panel system that provides a wrap-around custom fit.