How much is your life worth?

When disaster strikes, will you be prepared?

Having a response is important but having a plan of protection is imperative!

You never know when you’re going to need a shield of protection to defend you against the most dangerous threats.  The world has changed.  Simple tasks like going to the store require that you cover your face to safeguard you against the threat of viruses like Covid-19. 

In this new world environment, it also makes sense to defend yourself from being shot! 

Innocent Armor is leading the movement towards personal protection.  We offer a premium line of bullet-resistant (bullet-proof) clothing.  Bringing the safety and security of discreet body armor to your daily attire.  Think armor without the weight.  Protection without being obvious.  And security for the unexpected.

Our nearly impenetrable polo jacket is fortified with ShieldTec®, which is certified by the NIJ at level IIIA.  This is the same level of protection that law enforcement use.  And FitTec™ is an armor system that provides a unique wrap-around custom fit.  Our clothing is designed to be worn every day; and our customers range from the 71-year-old grandmother wanting to feel safe doing her weekly grocery shopping to law enforcement that wants to wear body armor off duty.

The truth of the matter is that a bullet does not discriminate, and you never know when you will be put in a compromising position.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that you are impervious to gun violence.  Innocent Armor’s discreet body armor gives you the added layer of protection that could mean the difference between life and death.  We have a wide assortment of bullet-resistant clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE) for you and your loved ones.

The world has forever changed, and we must adapt to these changes.  Grabbing a jacket or coat to head out to dinner and/or a movie is already common practice.  Why not grab a jacket or coat that could potentially save your life from bullet rounds?  You need to start thinking and acting differently.  It can make all the difference! 

In conclusion, Innocent Armor is dedicated to providing safety and personal protection.  Visit our website, read our product reviews, and check out our youtube channel for testing of our armor. 

How much is your life worth?

The movement has already begun.  Don’t be left behind.  Invest in yourself and your family.  It’s a wise decision.