The new face of bulletproof wear

Gone are the days of only military or law enforcement professionals wearing bullet-resistant (bulletproof) clothing.


With changing political and economic factors, coupled with a deadly pandemic, these factors have contributed to a more volatile environment, one in which has people thinking about protection in a much different; more personal way.

Times have changed and so has the look and feel of body armor. No longer does body armor have to be heavy, and bulky nor does it have to be obvious.


Today’s body armor looks and feels less like tactical clothing and more like, lifestyle clothing. This is to provide both discretion for the wearer and protection.


In the past, body armor was designed for those who protect us-those who were thought to be most likely to be in a hostile, combative situation (police and military). Unfortunately, because of a greater number of mass shootings, riots, and violence on the streets, protection is something that everyone should be thinking about.


Gun sales have increased dramatically in America, and that comes with its own problems. Weapons such as guns and knives are not always a practical form of protection. Limits as to where you can bring your weapon make it difficult to always keep protection on yourself. Additionally, guns and knives come with a level of risk by the user through misfiring and discharging unintentionally.


Personal defense comes in many different forms. Protective armor provides an answer to violence without the need for carrying a weapon and worrying about gun safety.


Innocent Amor has designed clothing to fill this need in the marketplace. With stylish jackets, t-shirts and even a backpack-you can wear bullet-resistant (bulletproof) clothing every day without anyone knowing that what you are wearing could potentially save your life.


They are changing the way you think about protection, and have been featured in several news articles including Specialty Fabrics Review and The American Police Beat Magazine. Also they continue to donate to causes that mean the most to them, and give back to those who have served and protected our communities and country.


Keeping people safe is the reason Innocent Armor exists. They believe that no one should die from senseless acts of violence and its their mission to keep everyone protected with their clothing.

The best defense for protection is having a plan. That plan should include survival gear and clothing that you can wear every day. Think armor without the weight, Protection without being obvious. And security for the unexpected.