How To Wear + Care

How to Wear

  • Undo both Velcro size straps
  • Place vest over your head making sure that the front the vest is in the front of the body
  • Adjust the height of the frontal and rear parts of the vest with shoulder Velcro adjustments
  • Adjust one side strap first and then the second strap
  • Tension should be the same on both sizes of the vest
  • Adjust for a comfortable fit. Vest should not be so tight that it does not allow for comfortable breathing.
  • When adjusting the height of the vest, while standing make sure the bottom part of the vest is around 2” above the belt .  This will protect the vest from unnecessary damage and will keep vest from creeping up at the throat when sitting.
  • Try vest in sitting position and check for comfort
  • Make further adjustments if vest is too tight at the waist or creeps up on throat.

Care Instructions

  • Remove ballistic panels from carrier before washing
  • Wash carrier according to instructions on label
  • Ballistic panels should not be machine or hand washed
  • To clean ballistic panels use a moist sponge to clean
  • Vest should not be hanged and should be stored flat to avoid unnecessary stretching of carrier Velcro adjustments