How To Wear + Care

How to Wear

  • Place left overlapping ballistic panel under right panel
  • Insert zipper tongue into the pull and push it all the way down
  • Still holding the tongue move the pull up with your other hand
  • To avoid the zipper jamming on the way up, hold the tongue down until the zipper is all of the way up
  • To avoid the zipper jamming on the way down, hold tongue down and pull zipper all of the way down
  • Remember the FitTec technology is a custom fit and will take up to a couple of months to 'break in' and be comfortable.

Care Instructions

  • Remove ballistic panels from carrier before washing
  • Wash carrier according to instructions on label
  • Ballistic panels should not be machine or hand washed
  • To clean ballistic panels use a moist sponge to clean
  • Jackets and down vests can be stored by hanging