Bulletproof Lightweight Backpack
Bulletproof Lightweight Backpack
Red Backpack
Grey Black Ballistic Backpack
Black Ballistic Backpack
Red Grey Ballistic Backpack
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Blue Ballistic Backpack
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Bulletproof Lightweight Backpack
Bulletproof Lightweight Backpack
Bulletproof Lightweight Backpack
Bulletproof Lightweight Backpack
Bulletproof Lightweight Backpack
Bulletproof Lightweight Backpack
Bulletproof Lightweight Backpack

Bulletproof Lightweight Backpack

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Keep your personal belongings safe and secure with Innocent Armor's lightweight backpack fortified with ShieldTec®️bulletproof technology.  It offers the highest level of protection available in soft body armor.

  • Police Grade Protection
  • Backpack size is 13” x 19” or 30L
  • Bulletproof Panel size is 11” x 13” and is included with the backpack 

As Featured in Police Magazine 

Men's Size Chart

How to Measure

The chest is the most important body part for jacket measurement. Please stand up straight and relax your arms. Optimally, you can ask another person to wrap a tape measure around your chest. Make sure it has a little room (max. an inch) to move.

Leather/Denim Jacket Chest measurement:  Due to the nature of the fabric, the leather and denim jacket does not allow for any room to expand.  If you do not want it to be too tight you may want to pick the next larger size.

Measure from center of back of neck, over the shoulder and down the arm to wrist.

Waist measurement: The waist is measured in the same way as described above for the chest but around your waist.

Between Sizes?

If your measurements are in between those listed in the size chart, pick the next larger size.


size chart

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

I wish it came with higher caliber protection, if they did ….they didn’t clarify anything tuffer online or promote. Could ne an upsell but over all nice pack back. Backpack is good size.pretty good pocket placements. Hasn’t been taken out much . Overall I jn
Buy just the plate of info is to complain but I do wish they explained better online. Besides that I’m ok with it .

Melissa White
Peace of Mind

Our family is made up of criminal justice and military and education professionals. Our plan is to outfit all the children in the family with these backpacks from preK to college. As a teacher, I wish school systems would contract with this company to supply school students with these, or to have in classrooms. This company was just awesome. Their responses and communication were expedient and compassionate. The company accommodated every want and need. When they sold out of our item, the owner personally stepped in to help. This exceptional experience is what we need from all companies-humanity, heart, and community. We would only be happier if there was never another act of gun violence. For now, this is another layer of protection we never want anyone we love to need, but if they do, we are happy they will have it. This is peace of mind. Your peace of mind is a worthwhile investment.

Brian Lee

Feel a little bit more comfortable and safe for my family

Sam Doe
Lightweight durable bag

With all the random acts of violence I always feel more vulnerable on my commute to work (public trans), this bag at least gives me a better chance than nothing at all (a shield) , and also gives me a little more time to react. The bag overall is sturdy and well stitched and the weight is not bad at all even with my items being in the bag.

John Drake
Great product and customer service

We bought 2 rucks from them... great products and cust service is outstanding!!!

Innocent Armor


Protect you and your loved ones with our exclusive ShieldTec®️ best in class protection.

ShieldTec®️ is NIJ certified for level IIIA protection, which is the highest level protection available in soft body armor.

FitTec® is a technologically engineered material that provides a more custom fit.

Innocent Armor keeps you safe, stylish, and under the radar. Trust Innocent Armor and join the movement towards personal protection.



This is an outstanding shirt.

The shirt vest is amazing.
I am thinking about buying two of them.



Great quality. The fit was perfect. Looks fantastic.

Purchased for my husband and he is very pleased!

Jacquelyn LaBenne

look good and feel protected

I am a retired police officer and am no longer in uniform.So I feel very vulnerable these days especially with all these horrific shootings happening these days. Wearing this comfortable, stylish, non revealing protective vest, I really feel safe. Def recommend

 Cristina Coria

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